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Dec 31,  · Men’s Small Groups. Themes. Power Tools - Use this theme to show that in the tool belt of faith, it’s imperative to have the tools of prayer (1 John ), daily input from God (Matthew ) and accountability (1 John ) to live victoriously over sin.; Becoming a Vessel of Reconciliation - It’s easy to put forgiveness and reconciliation on a back burner, but as . The Young Adults in Christian Ministries shall be composed of all young adults between the ages of 22 and 40 in the AME Zion denomination. However, allowances will be made on all levels for those whose life circumstances dictate a younger age that they are no longer youths.

Young Single Adults “I challenge you to become ‘the greatest generation’ by assisting our Father in Heaven’s children to return to their Christian faith. May God bless you with the courage, the boldness, the enthusiasm, and the desire to again restore faith in the gospel.” —Elder L. Tom Perry. View now. Organizing a special prayer service for young adults with an emphasis on Faithful Citizenship would be a great way to involve young Catholics outside Sunday worship. Prayer services can be held around national holidays or memorials (Memorial Day, Independence Day, etc.) or certain feast days of saints who are associated with civic life or with one or more of the various issues .

Dec 15,  · There was a recurring theme during a Dec. young adult ministry conference: Zoom encounters were adequate in the early months of the COVID pandemic, but they quickly became a poor. Sep 29,  · Young adult ministry groups include high school graduates, college students and those in their 20s. Many are single adults whose primary activities revolve around work or school, but some have young families. Some groups grow in local churches and include a large percentage of members who have family ties and history with the church.

Dec 31,  · Church retreats are a great way for students, adults and couples in your congregation to intentionally pause life for a brief period and start to implement true change. By incorporating a great theme with lots of thoughtful planning and prayer, you can begin to create that opportunity for life change that God opens up in a special way at church.