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Whether it's the result of a permanent medical condition or a temporary situation, there are people out there who have no choice but to wear a diaper as a precaution. These 21 people share their real-life experiences with having to come to terms with using adult diapers. Find out what they had to say in the following confessions. Real People’s Incontinence Stories Written By Because Market Incontinence can be developed for a variety of reasons and one of the most popular ways to manage it is through the use of adult diapers. Because using diapers as an adult can sometimes have a stigma, people aren’t always open about their incontinence and diaper usage.

Discussions of adult diaper brands, usage tips, and wearing-related topics. Threads K Messages K. Threads K Messages K. P. New Goodnites L AND XL sizing. 13 minutes ago; Please be sure to observe the story rules at the top of the forums. Finished stories should use the prefix "Finished". Threads Messages K. Threads. After studying the diapers for a few minutes, she lay out two flat diapers, the put two of the prefolds down the middle and put two more flat diapers on top, making a stack of diapers big enough to go around Stevie's waist and thick enough to do what diapers are supposed to do. "OK, Stevie," she said; "time to put you back in diapers.".

The teasing has really gotten to her”. Sue elaborated. “I mean, I really do sympathise. There aren’t many kids who still wear diapers at eleven, but all that washing is really getting to me, and worst of all her room is really starting to smell”. “Really? I would have thought she’d rather wake up in a wet diaper .