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One way that seniors commonly fall is out of bed; whether they are disoriented and get up too fast, or they roll over too far off the bed while sleeping, a fall out of bed entails all of the risks of any fall at an advanced age. One way to reduce the risk of falling out of bed is with a properly fitted bed . I end up rolling off the side of the bed while asleep dreaming and wake up when I fall out of bed. The last time I hurt myself a little and was concerned. My mother adviced a bedrail. I got one at Walmart (they are very price competitive for adult strength bedrails). I have not fallen out since I .

The most common solution for anyone who is prone to falling out of the bed is to install bed rails. Bed rails can keep your loved one contained in the bed, and if they’re sturdy enough, he or she can use them to pull up to a sitting or standing position. Rails can also help your loved one adjust his or her position in the bed while lying down. Adults don’t usually fall out of bed while sleeping. This is because certain sensory systems in our bodies continue operating. Because people are not completely unconscious during sleep, they can stay safely in bed throughout the entire night. However, this doesn’t apply to everybody.

As with all falls, a fall from bed can be a minor incident or a serious medical concern. The effects can go beyond physical injury and add mental anxiety to a senior’s life. Some people become afraid of sleeping for fear that they’ll fall. This affects their quality of sleep, which is vital to an aging body and mind. The condition is called REM behavior disorder. The sleeper, usually a man, will kick, punch, scream, thrash about or fall out of bed, potentially injuring himself or his partner. "I .

Falling out of bed is a significant risk as people age and could lead to injury. While determining the cause of the falls is key in developing a prevention strategy, beds that are close to the ground, fall pads, and bed barriers are universal solutions to try. First and foremost, if you are falling out of bed in the night, then it may be time to think about utilizing safety aids to reduce your risk of taking a dive.