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adult field sequential dvd - Danni Ashe DVD 105

This DVD has both a field sequential and a side by side version. It can be viewed on the new 3D TVs which use the 3D Blu-Ray Players or older interlaced and field sequential systems. Side by SIde (for new 3D TVs made after ). This entertaining feature on Watt's towers will work with 3D TV sets! More info on the feature. Jul 01,  · First insert the DVD with Field Sequential 3D video in your computer with a DVD player and Windows Media Player 11 that is set to play DVD's from your drive. Your computer needs to be 3D ready and connected to a Passive 3D monitor. Do not put the TV in 3D mode. Leave it in 2D mode but put on your 3D glasses.

Aug 25,  · Field sequential 3D-DVD's for shutterglasses and 3D-HMD's. page released on Jan. 2, last update on August 25, Contents How to get 3D-DVD's working on a TV-set or projector with TV-shutterglasses. How to get 3D-DVD's working on . The field-sequential 3D DVDs in this set were shot for video release. Includes 2 pairs of LC shutter glasses and driver. Titles available in Anaglyph 3D Blu-ray disc, HD-DVD, or regular DVD.

There is also some movement seen in among the Adult Entertainment Industry also starting For best stereo 3D effect you better go for field-sequential movies on DVD as these can be watched on wide variety of supported hardware and these do provide much better results in terms of depth perception and color reproduction compared to the. APE Big Fat Movie Show 3D DVD Field Sequential NEW! $ Talisman 3D DVD Field Sequential Shutter 3-D Movie. $ Hunting Season. $ Night of the Living Dead. $ Dementia $ Zombie Chronicles. $ Evil Unleashed The Mummy. $ The Little Shop of Horrors. $ Apt. Robot Monster. $ IMAX Ultimate G's.

3D DVD s. We offer several types of 3D DVDs. Field Sequential 3D DVDs work best with CRT TVs and require electronic shutter glasses to work and can be also be viewed on any 3DTV or 3D monitor from a computer used with our Stereoscopic Player Software. Side by side work on the new 3D TVs and 3D Blu Ray Players. Sensio Anaglyph 3D DVDs are viewed with red/cyan, green magenta or red/blue glasses. May 03,  · Typically a field sequential video tape or DVD is used. The field sequential format stores left eye images on even video fields and right eye images on odd video fields (sometimes it can be the other way around). The shutter glasses reveal the appropriate image to each eye in rapid succession creating the illusion of a 3D image. This can be a.