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The sex scenes are a bit short but descriptive enough to fap to, but what really sold this game to me is the main story (being forceably transformed into a women then either resisting your new life, enduring it, or embracing it) and the traits which you can develop based on the choices you make during the course of the game. There are very few. This game is in fact two games twisted around each other. There is a turn-based strategic asset-management engine, interwoven with a standard RAGs adventure game system. Similar to something like the "Sims Medievil" it is "Dungeon Keeper lite meets Mass Effect lite".

The game's setting is a mix of firefly and mass effect. You plays as a female veteran mercenary, Celeste Blake, who had a bit of an "accident" during her last mission. Now she has to battle her inner submissive sexual desire (aka the player's desire to watch sex scene) in order to survive. Cursed! is a game being developed by Anonymous Man using the RAGS, to play the game you must download the RAGS Suit: Versions prior to use RAGS Versions to use RAGS Versions and up use RAGS

Total Games: 1, Total Contests: 32 Total Reviews: 16, Total Engines: 33 Total Adult Themes: 10 Total Transformation Themes: 26 Total Multimedia Themes: 9 Total Online Plays: 3,, Support TFGS! House of Dreams is an adult TF/TG created by Areg. The RAGS version is a remake of the older SUDS version. Warning: this game doesn't contain explicit content, but it does contain references to an older man lusting after an underage girl, which some may find disturbing. Latest Reviews - View All Reviews.

I'm lead creator of the adult game SuperPowered. I've been working on a Alpha of this game in RAGS for over a year, and have recently decided to change the engine as well as the art assets of the game. With an increase of cost and time, I'd like to continue to build, improve, and expand the game and game world I've created, but will need some. Rags Update You can register RAGS again! Progress! Recent Comments. Tammell on You can register RAGS again! admin on You can register RAGS again! admin on You can register RAGS again! Archives. June ; March ; February