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STATUS EPILEPTICUS (SE) TREATMENT ALGORITHM IN ADULTS There exists a lack of prospective controlled trials regarding the appropriate doses or targeted therapeutic levels for refractory status epilepticus. Many of the recommended doses or targeted therapeutic levels are higher than referenced in the literature and based upon expert opinions at NYPH. Oct 11,  · Status Epilepticus. Posted on October 11, June 8, by kcaners. This case is written by Dr. Donika Orlich. She is a PGY5 Emergency Medicine resident at McMaster University who also completed a fellowship in simulation and medical education last year. Why it Matters.

INTRODUCTION. Status epilepticus is a medical and neurologic emergency that requires prompt evaluation and treatment. Status epilepticus manifests as many different syndromes, each defined by distinctive clinical features and electroencephalography (EEG) findings. Causes, prognoses, and treatments differ, and optimal evaluation and treatment requires an understanding of both the type of status epilepticus . {{geishaxx.xyzscription}}.

Status epilepticus is a common neurological emergency with considerable associated health-care costs, morbidity, and mortality. The definition of status epilepticus as a prolonged seizure or a series of seizures with incomplete return to baseline is under reconsideration in an effort to establish a more practical definition to guide by: STATUS EPILEPTICUS IN ADULTS (Convulsive Seizures in patients aged > 16 years old) Link consultant: Dr Hannah Cock Status epilepticus (SE) is defined as continuous seizure activity which has failed to self-terminate leading to a risk of neurological damage. The risks are highest with generalised tonic/clonic (convulsive) seizures.

In children, the main cause of status epilepticus is an infection with a fever. In adults, the common causes include: Stroke. Imbalance of substances in the blood, such as low blood sugar. Drinking too much alcohol or having alcohol withdrawal after previous heavy alcohol use. Status epilepticus (SE) is a medical emergency that starts when a seizure hits the 5-minute mark (or if there’s more than one seizure within 5 minutes). After this point, it becomes less and less.