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Apr 17,  · Crime and the Adolescent Brain: The Effects of Youths Tried as Adults. April 17, in Industry Insights. Crime and the Adolescent Brain: The Effects of Youths Tried as Adults recent studies of juveniles tried as adults indicate that it is a population disproportionately made up of poor African American males. Prosecutors Request More Black Teens Be Tried As Adults Than Any Other Group Currently, every state in the U.S. is allowed to prosecute juveniles as adults .

As of , African American youth were five times as likely as white youth to be detained or committed to youth facilities. A new fact sheet from the Sentencing Project shows that the racial disparity in youth incarceration has increased since , when Black youth were four times as likely as whites to be incarcerated. Mar 13,  · In , 64 percent of juveniles statewide prosecuted as adults were African Americans, nearly double the level of 36 percent. Black youth make up 15 percent of the state's population between 10 and 17 that falls under the jurisdiction of juvenile courts.

This study, released by the Justice Institute in February, , found that in California, African American, Latino and Asian American youth are significantly more likely to be transferred to . Jun 05,  · As of , 84 percent of the juvenile offenders who received this sentence were African-American. In our own work, we find that race can have a sweeping effect even when people consider the same.

youth who are tried and imprisoned as adults. In New York, all 16 and 17 year olds are tried as adults. Only 32% of the state’s total population is black or Latino, but in , more than 70% of youth who were arrested were black or Latino. Once arrested, black youth in New York are nearly twice as likely to be incarcerated in an adult jail or prison than white youth. As a . Jun 22,  · African-American juveniles wind up in adult court — and serving time in adult prisons — in disproportionate numbers. Advocates argue that their confinement as adults and with adults does little to.