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Dec 17,  · The Adult Education program at Indiana University can be completed entirely online and serves as an excellent pathway for students who plan on earning a Master of Science in Education. In this program, you will learn the core concepts behind instructional planning, as well as the context of American adult education. Mar 08,  · Distance education, also known as online study, is another option. First-time college students may enroll in adult education programs, as well as those who haven't Author: Martha Barksdale.

Aug 11,  · An online education specialist degree (EdS) allows the graduate to work with adults in basic education programs, vocational education and technical programs at a higher level. Students pursue this degree because they hold a master’s degree and want to further their careers but aren’t ready to seek a doctorate degree. Aug 31,  · Online College Courses for Working Adults Online colleges offer scheduling flexibility that allows class attendance while also allowing the student to work and take care of their family. Each online program is different, with its own unique course delivery methods and academic policies.

Begin or complete your degree. Take one class at a time for 5 weeks. One class session per week pm. On-campus, online or hybrid online. Online classes offered live or self-directed.