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horizontal clitoris jewelry - Sell Your GF - Take the fucking for jewelry!

Apr 06,  · For a HCH piercing to offer stimulation the clitoris need to be somewhat exposed, the jewelry needs to be accurately sized and the piercing has to be perfectly placed. Genital piercings are special because they have the potential to affect your sexual pleasure. The horizontal clitoral hood piercing is exactly what it sounds like: a piercing through the hood above the clitoris, horizontally. This piercing is usually done with a ring as, ideally, the bead from the ring will rest against the clitoris, providing stimulation for the wearer.

May 22,  · Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing (HCH): While it might seem similar in name to the fan-favorite VCH, the Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing is more for decorative purposes than sexual stimulation. Aug 13,  · The horizontal clitoral hood piercing goes — you guessed it — horizontally through the base of the Jennifer Chesak.

A horizontal or vertical piercing through the clitoral hood. Minimum healing time: 4 to 8 weeks Appropriate Jewelry: Captive Bead Rings, Captive Rings - Ball & Socket, Captive Rings - Segment, Circular Barbells, Continuous Rings, Curved Barbells, Fixed Bead Rings, Screw-on Ball Rings, Straight Barbells. Horizontal Hood Piercing Jewelry horizontal clitoral hood piercing,HCH,vaginal piercings,vagina piercings,clitoral piercing,clitoris,clit Sort & Filter.