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 · The vehicle was not originally intended to perform wheelstands; the slight rearward weight bias caused the nose to lift in the air for nearly the entire quarter-mile run. The truck was initially given to Dick Branstner Enterprises and Roger Lindamood to help sort out the ill-handling and unpredictable truck. The scene is of course, this is a match race between the "Fabulous" Stone, Woods & Cook "Dark Horse 2" Mustang, and Roger Lindamood's "Color me Gone" 67 Charger. Doug managed to beat Roger in first 2 out of 3 rounds.

Dick made the transition from Super Stock to A/FX to his final fiberglass funny car. Landy did not make the flip-top transition but did switch to the blown nitro combo. “Dandy Dick” was popular with fans because of showmanship backed up with performance. The final “Landy’s Dodge” Dart ran , At one race, Landy suffered a. In , Lindamood endorsed and supported efforts to recreate his successful cars by supplying original parts and his knowledge of the car’s special features. This resulted in the most accurate “tribute” Color Me Gone vehicles. Roger, his son, Randy, and the Ronzellos trademarked the Color Me Gone race cars in

 · Roger Lindamood's "Color Me TOP —Roger Lindamood was runner-up in #2 Eliminator with a best of ABOVE —Jake King, left, and Buddy Martin work on car. LEFT —Ronnie Sox lights the hides to the crowd's delight. Gone" Charger appeared to be a sure winner in the heavy class as he consistently ran under nine sec-. The creation of Roger Lindamood—who worked in Chrysler's transmission lab by day -- "Color Me GONE" (CMG) was, at first, a plain white '63 Plymouth Savoy .

Home Media Dick Landy at Det Dwy Dick Landy at Det Dwy. Previous. Next. Follow Us On Facebook. Follow Us On Facebook. Follow Us On Twitter. RIP Roger Lindamood No comments found RIP Walt Knoch November 12, Comments Off on RIP Walt Knoch. Alex Boger Photos June 26,  · Lindamood was instrumental in the vaunted Ramchargers team’s switch from manual to automatic transmissions, and it was that work that put him into contact with race-car fabricator Dick Branster.